Nourishing Leather Oil - Zashadu
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Nourishing Leather Oil


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Name: Nourishing Leather Oil

Size: 5″ tall, 1.3″ wide.


Features: Zashadu Nourishing Leather Oil was formulated to restore the beauty and suppleness of most Leather Pieces, while extending their lifespan.

Periodic use, up to once in two months will  improve the natural lustre of your leather pieces.

Use On:

  • All Dark Embossed Leathers
  • Top Grain Leathers
  • Glazed Python and Crocodile Skin
  • Pebble Leather

Do Not Use On:

  • Colourful Calf  Skin
  • Metallic Calf Skin
  • Suede Leather
  • Nubuck Leather
  • Hide
  • Fur

How to apply:

  • Clean off all dirt/dust from leather surface.
  • Pour a few drops of Oil on a foam or lightly damp cotton/ linen cloth.
  • Apply evenly across the leather surface in a circular motion and allow to dry for up to twenty-four (24) hours.
  •  Apply additional coat, if the leather is aged or Distressed Crocodile or Snake Embossed Leather.
  • Do not apply excess oil on leather pieces to avoid darkening the leather unless otherwise.