Nourishing Leather Oil

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Name: Nourishing Leather Oil

Features: Zashadu Nourishing Leather Oil was formulated to restore the beauty and suppleness of most Leather Pieces, while extending their lifespan.

Periodic use, up to once a month will improve the natural luster of your leather pieces.

         Use On:

  • All Dark Embossed Leather
  • Top Grain Leathers
  • Glazed Python and Crocodile Skin
  • Pebble Leather

      Do Not Use On:

  • Colourful Calf Skin
  • Metallic Calf Skin
  • Suede Leather
  • Hide
  • Fur
  • Nubuck Leather

      How to apply:

  • Clean off all dirt, dust from leather surface.
  • Pour a few drops of Oil on a slightly damp cotton or linen cloth.
  • Apply evenly across the leather surface in a circular motion and allow to dry for up to twenty-four hours.
  • Apply additional coat, if the leather is aged or distressed Crocodile or Snake Embossed Leather.
  • Do not apply excess oil on leather pieces to avoid darkening the leather, unless otherwise.

Perfect for: Leather Accessories



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