September 8, 2017by zashadu

When on holiday earlier on this year, I observed the practicality and chicness of small, perfectly formed handbags on the shoulders of the coolest girls. My mind got whirring, and I thought, how can Zashadu partake in this dialogue? I love compact structured bags, but I also need space to put all my one million things! The challenge was to create a bag that was a style in its own right, with its own quirks, not just a smaller version of another.

Judging by the response from Zashadu collectors, it’s fair to say that we’ve succeeded in achieving this. Measuring 7” wide x 5” tall x 4.25” side depth, this cutie of a bag is small but mighty. We’ve added some toughness with our detachable chain handle that’s long enough to wear across your body.

Since I made it, I’ve been wearing it everyday and buying mini versions of everything just so I can have most of my essentials.

Similarly, we came up with a simple, classic, handsome crossover sandal. It was officially debuted in gold shiny leather but has since evolved to include other colours. What surprised me most about this sandal was the feedback we kept receiving about just how comfortable wearing it is! For me, a thing of beauty must be a thing of comfort and I’m glad this is greatly appreciated.



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TKO Mini, Three colour tan


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TKO Mini,Three colour turquoise


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Leather shopping is definitely one of my favourite parts of being a designer. Often I come across leathers that are so decided, and self-assured that it stops me dead in my tracks, as my brain reshuffles to accommodate its awesomeness.


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Gold and silver should always be worn together!