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Business Development Strategist Job Brief

We are looking for an experienced (Experience in fashion is a must) Business Development Strategist responsible for
the formulation and development of our business strategies and conducting market research, identifying and
exploring new business opportunities and boosting company growth and sales. Experience in fashion is a must. You’ll
gather as much information on the company and also build and maintain a successful relationship with prospective
and existing clients. You must be able to collaborate with executives and formulate a business strategy to determine
objectives and maximize business reach and potential, analyzing existing systems and offering new ideas for

The goal is to ensure that you are able to develop strategic plans that will help improve an organization to reach its
goals and targets and improve profitability. You will analyse existing business strategies and practices and provide
recommendations for improvements.

Encouraging new and existing clients by creating and improving proposals
Collect customer requirements and business data to create a business plan and manage the project teams to achieve
business goals.
Coordinate with the management to identify, research, analyse, and execute new business initiatives and
Assist in company’s branding and media communication activities such as press releases, advertisements,
marketing collaterals, and web site.

Qualification: B.Sc. (Economics, Accounting, Banking and Finance);
Year of Experience: 2- 5 Years. Experience in fashion is a must
Proven track record in business development.
Tech-savvy in nature.
Teachable and hard working.
Skills Expectation
Strong grasp of Excel demonstrated by the ability to build, monitor, review and update complex analyses.
Experience in identifying profitable business opportunities and potential clients. Exceptional ability to
analyse market trends and competitor behaviour.
Ability to maintain strong client relationships and establish industry partnerships. Competency in negotiating
and closing business deals.
Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
Ability to evolve appropriate business strategy and operations, processes, and key drivers to drive
Ability to demonstrate a high degree of numerical, verbal, and analytical competence

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills demonstrated with mastery in written communication and
Salary- N250,000-N325,000

Junior Accessories Designer, Women and Men

We are looking for a Junior Women/Men Accessories Designer who will be responsible for assisting in the
development of customer and market focused product collections each season that are in line with the company
strategy for the brand. Also to give strong administrative and creative support to the Accessories Design team, which
is responsible for all handbags, women/men Footwear, Accessories design. Experience in fashion is a must.
At ZASHADU, we are passionate about what our customer loves, the goal is to ensure to keep a constant eye on the
market to see what competitors look like and will be aware of current and emerging trend.

As the Junior Women/Men Accessories Designer, you will be:
• The right-hand person to the women/men footwear, handbag Designer and the Creative Lead Designer,
helping to develop colour palettes and a materials palette board each season that will surprise and delight
our customers.
• You will be responsible for assisting in the development of customer and market focused product
collections each season that are in line with the company strategy for the brand.
• The custodian for the Accessories colour and materials libraries on PLM (Product Lifestyle Management
• You will be providing technical drawings for suppliers, finalising the approved designs for production.
• You will be researching trends, new materials, trims and colour palettes and designing new products
incorporating your original ideas.
• You will be working closely with the buying team to ensure fit and aesthetics meet brand requirements.
• Passionate about what our customer loves, you will keep a constant eye on the market to see what
competitors look like and will be aware of current and emerging trend.
Skills Expectation
We’re Looking For Someone To Have:
• He or she must have gone to a fashion school and as work at a luxury fashion sector at least for a year.
• A talent for Illustrator and Photoshop and be able to hand draw.
• Be able to produce high quality work to targets and tight deadlines.
• Have an eye for colour and texture and be confident in presenting your designs formally and informally.
• Have practical knowledge and experience of production methods.
• Have a flair for design with great creativity and imaginationbe able to produce original ideas based on
upcoming trends.
• Be able to work without supervision but be part of a team.
• Have an understanding of ZASHADU, our collections and the brand.
• Ideally have some experience working on PLM, the Product Lifestyle Management system.
• Have some experience within the Handbag, Footwear and Accessories design industry.
• Exceptional organisation skills with a great eye for detail.
• The originality and efficiency to thrive within a close-knit team of creative thinkers.• Possess a true passion for fashion.

Qualification: B.Sc. (Any field)
Must have gone to a fashion school
Must have work at a luxury fashion sector at least for a year. Experience in fashion is a must
Tech-savvy in nature, teachable and hard working.

Competitive basic salary; Starting N150,000
· And so much more!

Part Time Digital Media Video Editor

We require a Video Editor 2-3 days a week to create visual communications that convey our
brand message in an effective and aesthetically pleasing manner.
You must have experience in Videography and cinematography with video production, film
and photo editing skills.

Regular team meetings to determine video direction.
Excellent knowledge of photography/videography within the digital world.
Reviewing raw material to determine the shot list.
Manipulating film and video footage using clean editing techniques.
Maintaining continuity while moving shots according to scene value.
Trimming footage and putting together the rough project.
Inserting dialog, sound effects, music, graphics, and special effects.
Ensuring the project follows a logical sequence
Consulting with the director and production team throughout the project.
Creating the final cut for broadcasting.

Skills Expectation and requirements
• Education in film studies, cinematography, or equivalent experience.
• Previous work experience as a videographer/cinematographer.
• Hands-on experience with all video editing software
• Creativity
• Ability to work to a tight schedule.
• Must have excellent IT skills especially with computer programmes such as photoshop, Adobe
Lightroom, photo mechanic
• A keen eye for aesthetics and details
• Experience with industry standard editing tools and asset management software.
• Excellent communication skills.
Salary N95,000


NEW COLLECTION: “With this collection I was inspired to create a haven amidst chaos and uncertainty. Exploring distressed, sheepskins, metallic calfskins, Her’s talisman on new shapes and textures; Resplendia represents Hope in the face of hopelessness, Faith as opposed to fear, and belief over defeat”



Sustainability: At the core of our brand is the ethos of Sustainability; although a buzzword that has gained traction (and rightly so) over the last few years, the ways in which we are sustainable varies and are unique to our county and History. 

  • All leathers used are locally sourced Light skins from reared Sheep and Goats 
  • Most are embossed skins; which are created by using heat to create specific patterns on natural grains of animal skin.
  • Real Exotics are a by-product of local communities who consume the meat; though considered exotic to many, it’s indigenous to us. We work with the communities who offer up the rare skins up to 3 times a year.
  • Thus our exotics pieces are even more rare as access to real sustainable skins is limited
  • Leather sourced as a by product of the locally produced and farmed meat industry is one of the most sustainable materials on earth; it lasts for centuries and is biodegradable.
  • The 2 Islamic annual Eid celebrations sees skin from all over West Africa come to the commercial hub of Nigeria to be processed as leather and exported by local tanneries.
  • Upcycling by partnering with local tanneries who also produce for the International market; We relieve them of luxuriously produced “Out of Season” leathers dictated by the fast pace of traditional fashion. 
  • We marry this International expertise with our local production, creating jobs for skilled artisans who are otherwise neglected due to fast pace of traditional fashion. We thus keep alive indigenous leather working traditions that are centuries old.
  • Which is what drives our One of a kind, numbered Limited Edition collections.
  • Our business is sustained by the demand of our community; which is why you are integral to it.

The Bespoke Journey

The Bespoke Journey: This year we invited you into a world of creating custom pieces and giving yourself that reward you deserve. We also introduced you to The Hero Madam, as well as sharing leather combinations that will be perfect to make your unique Hero Madam. If you missed out on this article check it out here – CREATING YOUR CUSTOM BAG – THE HERO MADAM

The journey of creating something special for oneself is fulfilling, indulgent and an excellent example of being kind and loving to one’s self. Too often, especially as women, we put our needs last, taking care of everyone else and neglecting our needs.

The bespoke journey begins by choosing a style, sharing your ideas and fantasies with us via a questionnaire, choosing the leathers, accessories, linings and more. We invite you to live vicariously through a collector’s bespoke experience, as we share never before seen images and details of the process.

Enjoy x

Initial ideas incorporated a flexible, delicate, almost-like-jewellery hollow brass handle I envisioned
Similarly, the idea of this handle came from a piece of jewellery I had designed, exploring ideas of duality and integration into the Whole.
3D rendition
3D rendition
After many months of trying to produce the originally designed handles with various challenges, we changed course mid design and the client enlisted the help of jewellery designers to explore the feasibility of creating a Dragon handle.
I loved the idea of the handles and thought it would work beautifully with the bags.
Alpha Madam in mid brown, heat treated amethyst stone and golden Dragon handle.
Executive Box bag in black snake embossed leather, lilac spirit quartz stone and burnt bronze Dragon handle.

Timeless Rugs for Home or Office

Timeless rugs for home or office:I moved into a new home almost in September last year and whilst searching for floor rugs, was dismayed to find that almost everything available was imported. I wanted something luxurious, beautiful and locally made, so I decided to make my own.

My Rose Quartz Denhttp://Timeless Rugs for Home or Office
Patchwork rug, Shop in link below

Our handmade rugs are meticulously crafted using traditional methods that originate from Northern Nigeria. Leather is sectioned off into 1 meter squares by hand, perforated and then skilfully handwoven, the rugs are made from goat hides, cowhides and embossed leathers.

Each piece of rug is bound in leather, lightly cushioned and fully lined for your comfort. Each piece measures roughly 70″ x 70″ and takes a period of 3 weeks to make each.

The pieces are cut into 1 meter seed squares
And then Handwoven

The play of textures of the hides and skins adds warmth to any space, making it a perfect choice for the home or office. It is also suitable for wall hanging as the harmonious blend tradition and modernity grace your space with effortless elegance.

Almost complete!

This breathtaking creation would make a gorgeous gift!


Healing Nigerian Crystals

Healing Nigerian Crystals: I’ve always been drawn to crystals and gem stones, especially in their rough, unpolished form. However I didn’t connect with their healing properties personally until December 2018 where I was guided to begin using them to heal old traumas lodged in the physical body that can be hard to shift. Since then, my collection has grown, sourcing sustainably derived rough stones from mostly Northern Nigeria.

Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz Cluster

In lay man’s terms, the crystals hold a specific frequency
(absorbed from the depth of the earth where they form,) within their structure, that affects one, or the environment where it is placed; assisting one to benefit from the healing energies of the frequency. I see them as exquisite gifts from our Creator to aid us on our journey towards enlightenment

If you wish to start using them, bear in mind that they also absorb negative energy from others and the surroundings, so be sure to educate your self on how and when to clean and charge your crystals so that you are always benefitting.

Deep Purple Amethyst Cluster

I have some favourites, Rose Quartz, which holds within it the highest frequency, Love; out of which we were created, and Amethyst for its powerfully protective and purifying qualities. These two in particular are really accessible for beginners also. If there are any stones in particular you’d like, please let us know.

Here’s to healing, growing, and loving ourselves and each other x


From The Designer

Meet Me On Sirius, Thanksgiving Party, Dec 2019
Guests on Sirius
Me – “Are you a baby or a boy? Zie – “I’m a baby boy”. Transiting in Joburg on a mini vacay
King Zie has kind people doing all sorts of things for him…
Bats at Sunset, Lagos
Zainab, Hafsah and Karimah Ashadu at Christmas in Hamburg
Family time on a freezing Ship Museum in Hamburg, Christmas 2019

Hope is a Frequency

Warm winds depart, a cool breeze enters 

Waves ahead us crash; a steady flow,

Transluscent crabs dive helter skelter,

Dashing and darting, disappearing into sand holes.

Ships sail somnambulant out of sight,

Darkening aquamarine waters,

And blue-grey gun metal skies.

Bag of 2019, Hero

Our Bag of 2019 goes to the Hero in the classic size; made in Limited quantities of sustainably sourced exotic Ayers and Crocodile skins, it gained immediate cult status at its inception.

Hero Classic in Teal and Orange Ayers Snakeskin

The bag is deceptively spacious with its wide base and clever gusseting. It works perfectly as a day/weekend city bag and adds distinct character to any evening outfit.

Fun Facts

-Hero was inspired by the pain brought on by a period of intense and rapid growth 

-The Hero takes 39 hours to make, 1 artisan per bag

-A Hero Must first save herself before saving others 😉

Available in Black, Emerald Green and Teal/Orange. Custom colours possible.

Creating Your Custom Bag – The Hero Madam

January is traditionally the month where we plan out our year ahead and for a lot of us, it means rewarding oneself with something meaningful and useful for the year ahead. Something like a Custom Handbag. If this is you, you’re in luck as our creative team has come up with an array of Limited Edition leather pairings for your Bespoke Hero Madam.

The Hero Madam has all the features of the Hero classic that you love, but is bigger and more practical for your leadership role and work requirements. 

We invite you to take part in the exciting process of making something unique for yourself, and witness your ideas being hand-crafted into reality!

Here’s how to get involved

  • Choose the pairing you like best – A, B, C, D, E
  • Email your selection  in**@za*****.com
  • Custom Hero Madams start at N345,000 and are offered on a first come, first served basis.
Hero Madam in Deep Blue
A. Smoky Metallic Grey Croc embossed and Bronze black calf skin
B. Metallic Berry Croco Embossed, Stripy soft metallic calf skin
C. Sokoto Goat Skin in Taupe, Metallic Olive green
D. Smoky Metallic Black/Silver Python embossed and Bronze black calf skin
E. Wine Croc embossed and metallic plum stripy Kid skin