A Refreshing Break

May 19, 2018by zashadu

I escaped to Dakar, Senegal for a few days early this month with my family; we rented a beautiful villa by the sea on the Island of Ngor, which we were to get to by boat, in the middle of the night on cold waters. It satisfied the adventurer in me, but terrified my partner, nanny and friend, much to my (unexpected) delight. Thankfully my son slept through it so I didn’t feel too guilty.

We visited the many different exhibitions at the Dakar Bienalle, and I came back refreshed and totally re-inspired. Here are some images from the trip.


My photographer friend Aisha, and I explored Dakar’s art and surfing scene
Zoe would drag me to the ocean everyday, fascinated by the shells
A vacation without our Nanny is not a vacation, the wonderful Mrs O.
Dakar’s Romantic too! Strolling on the island with Mr N
After many hours of sleep I felt like a beauty queen
En route to the Biennale
Don’t you agree?
“Water, water, water” Zie would sing over and over
The more I travel, the more I encounter Zashadu Girls! On my way to deliver Yaikah’s bag and Koyo’s shoes x
Some beach side sexiness